The term 'Iyer' is derived from 'Iyya' which means 'Sir' in Tamil and which might have beemight have been derived from 'Arya' of Sanskrit, which means a 'gentleman'.

In the earliest known work dealing with grammar in Tamil - tholkappiyam meaning old epicthe meaning of 'iyya' is given as 'a learned individual'. Iyers were initially confined to Tamil Nadu. Though the majority of them chose to stay in Tamil Nadu itself, some of them migrated to neighboring states of Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

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Over the years these migrants built up their own individual culture and established an identity of their own. The word 'pattar' is derived from the word 'bhattar', a Sanskrit word indicating Brahmins. Some of the proverbs in Kerala about Kerala Iyers are self-explanatory regarding the attitude of others towards them.

Some of them are:. The mother tongue of all iyers is no doubt Tamil but the form of Tamil that a Kerala Iyer speaks is modified to a large extent by their constant interaction with Malayalam. Malayalam which has very large number of words owing allegiance to Sanskrit and which is endowed by the most phonetic alphabets among the Indian languages has influenced the way that a Kerala Iyer speaks and even recites Sanskrit Slokas.

The amount of mixture of Malayalam in spoken Tamil of Kerala Iyers varies from place to place. It is said that people from Tamil Nadu can instantly point out a Palakkad Iyer, the moment he starts speaking. It is often said that a Palakkad Iyer prefixes most sentences with an 'Oh This also answers partly your last question - some declare themseleves as malayalees, while others predominantly still categorise themselves as Tamils.

For example, when people talk about Kerala's communist and industrially backward aspect, the iyers will say they are "tamilians". Iyers are Tamil speaking Brahmins originating from South India. Iyers were initially confined to the state of Tamil Nadu.

A few centuries back, some of them migrated and settled down in various parts of Kerala. They integrated themselves into their new homeland and built up an identity of their own. The term Kerala Iyers is also popular because of their presence all over Kerala. They speak Malayalam as wellas Tamil. Kerala Iyers are Tamil. For example, when Actor Jayaram was attacked in Chennai. He said, I am Tamil, from Tirunelveli. Priyamani is telling she is Tamil Iyer. Janaki is same.

Also, from Trivandrum to Kottayam, there are lot of Nadar peoples. Now, they all mingled with a hegemony and not forgotten their ancestral link, but afraid or inferior to admit that we are Tamil.

Kanya Kumari people fought Travancore Nair domination to merge with Tamilnadu. They still feel their cultural link with Kerala and keralites. She is a tamilian, she was born as tanmil and worked for tamil cine field, and shs studies and lived in tamilnadu, hence she should be a tamilian. Morethan above she loves tamil people rather than malayalees. Tamil and Malayalee people are brothers. They descend from the same ancient Tamil DNA pool.What is it about Matunga and Chembur that makes these areas a thriving home for south Indian culture?

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The sisters grew up in a housing society that was surrounded by four temples. The fabled Sri Shanmukhananda hall was down the hall, figuratively speaking. Women with dripping wet hair would wait outside housing societies to watch bare-bodied men walking down the street, singing bhajans, clinking kartals called kinnaram in the southbeating dholaks and tambourines in time to their shaking bellies. Matunga in the s was entirely south Indian. The girls wore long skirts, called pavadai, their oiled, braided hair adorned with flowers.

Matunga holds a special place in the imagination of south Indians, because it is the land where our relatives went to make their fortune. They left villages with long, syllable-laden names and returned as posh Bombayites. Rather, they fulfilled their love and longing for their ancestral homeland by duplicating its ecosystem in their new home. At the Matunga market, women would bargain vigorously in Tamil.

A peek into a Palakkad Iyer Aathu Kitchen by Shivaram

Among Tamil-Brahmins, Palakkad Iyers form a unique subset. These were people who could trace their roots to the Palakkad pass between Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Palakkad Iyers, or Pattars as they were called, migrated from Tamil Nadu to Kerala, and felt equally at home speaking Malayalam and Tamil.

My father and mother is one, and although he spent his career in Madras now Chennaihe still multiplies in Malayalam. Palakkad Tamil liberally interspersed with Malayalam is pretty much unrecognizable to locals in Chennai. Each of us has many layers; many personas. There is the global self that is at home in Cuba, Iceland or Japan. Certainly, if you are a reader of this newspaper, you do all these things and more. Then there is the local self that has to do with family, history, stories and myth.

The local self has to do with religion and caste, but it goes much deeper than that.Kerala Iyers or Bhattarsare Brahmins of the Indian state of Kerala — people who were residents in the Kerala region, and also people who migrated from present day Tamil Nadu. They are Hindus. The community consists of two groups - the Palakkad Iyers and Iyers of the Cochin and Travancore regions.

They mostly belonged to the Vadama and Brahacharanam sub-sects. Iyers were usually not recruited as the priest shanthi in Kerala temples which followed Purva mimamsa rituals. So Iyers being Vedic scholars built their own temples in their Agraharams to conduct pooja, since they followed rituals different from the srauta rituals of the Nambudiris. Wherever they settled, the Kerala Iyers lived together in communities. The settlement consisting of array of houses and other amenities developed by Tamil Brahmins in Kerala came to be known as Agraharam as in other parts of South India.

Each Agraharam consist of two rows of houses facing each other. There is no courtyard but only common street. Several such Agraharams together form an organization called "Samooham".

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However, today the term covers Iyers from a broader territory. During the rule of Travancore kings, many Iyers Tamil Brahmins were invited to Thiruvananthapuram for administrative requirements of Travancore kingdom and for participating in rituals related to Padmanabhaswamy Temple. Some Padamangalam Nairs involved in temple service are thought to be descendants of Travancore Iyers. The migration continued for decades, and thus Iyer population is concentrated around this temple in Trivandrum.

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History Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for historians and history buffs. It only takes a minute to sign up. I am intrigued by the practices and beliefs of a community native to Kerala - India, the Kerala Iyers not Namboodristhey are Tamil Brahmin communities residing in Kerala, who migrated centuries ago from Tamil Kingdoms to Kerala.

They practice an admixture of Malayali and Tamil cultures, though most of their forefather Tamil practices are still intact.

Though they still converse in Tamil and follow most Tamil practices, they refuse to align themselves as a part of the Tamil region and are in fact against few practices preference in food, attire, religious practices, etc. I looked up online for any literature on the causes of migration and there was no literature I could look into. But there were few websites that discussed the reasons for migration in their own views eg here.

Several sources suggest that the Brahmins were driven out of Tamil Kingdom and forced to take refuge in Kerala due to: 1. Invasion by Muslim rulers 2. Isolation from society, etc. I am looking for the reason s for their migration with credible source s. I was also wondering if there was something to do with the reason of migration for their non-alignment with Tamil Brahmins. When the earlier Brahmins Namboodris migrated to Kerala late in the first millenium, CE, they "acted as priests, counsellors, and advisers to local kings.

And in so doing, they introduced the caste system where none existed before. The Keraal Iyer Brahmins were recruited by local kings about half a millenium later e.

These two groups differed in ideology, and tended to compete, rather than cooperate, at least at first. But there are no necessary evidences.

kerala iyers

While people of Kerala, including non-brahmins, were equally great in Vedic lore, Sanskrit, worshippers of identical Gods, their system of worship was founded on the Tantrik system, which is followed to this day. How come then that these Tamil-brahmins could replace Nambudiris as priests for rituals or worship of any kind in the Tantrik mode?

I challenge everyone to try and point out a single temple or Maharaja, then or now, where, for rituals, Tamil brahmins were engaged. - Iyer Samooham Online

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A news article published in a regional daily, here A research article un?Palakkad is a district in the Indian southern state of Kerala. It is at the border of Tamilnadu near Coimbatore.

Palakad cuisine is very famous for its Brahmin vegetarian style of cooking. Though there are few non vegetarians, the vegetarian cuisine is quite famous. The brahmins in palakkad migrated from the nearby state of Tamilnadu.

They are basically Tamil Brahmins, with Malayalam infused Tamil as their language.

are the kerala iyers malayalees or tamilians?

The Palakkad cuisine uses a blend of ingredients available in the region like the coconut, black pepper peppercorn along with the traditional Iyer style of vegetarian cooking with extensive use of rice, dall and milk products.

The dishes in Palakkad are a combination of Kerala dishes like the different pickles, pradhamans, pachadi, kootan, curry etc. During festivals, many fried snacks are prepared like the thattai, cheeda, murukku etc.

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Palakkad Brahmins are known for their extensive Sadya preparations too. Here we have a collection of traditional Palakkad Brahmin recipes for you, that includes recipes from all categories. Palakkad Recipes Share. Post a new comment Characters left.

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Name Your name will be displayed next to your comment. Email Email will NOT be displayed publicly. Opt out from receiving email if someone replies to your comment. Comments 11 P. Excellent mouth-watering recipes. Dahlia S. Thank you. We are looking for a vegetarian cook from Palakkad area for our pure vegetarian restaurant at Karinkallathani town near Perinthalmanna in Palakkad-Calicut highway.

If family, wife will be given cashier's post and family quarters. Attractive salary offered. Within 1 km there has temple for worship. I would like to know will any body will make veppalakatty with out spices for my Use. I need one kilogram of it.Toggle navigation. Profile ID: DV Full View. Siddhesh Venkatraman Age: 27 Unmarried Height: 5. Father is an Engineer - Freelance consultant. Elder brother is Architect from IIT, married and well settled. No sisters. Born and brought up in Maharashtra.

We are Palakkad based Tamil Iyers, native of Kerala. Languages known Tamil, Hindi, English. Looking for unmarried Iyer girl, educated, employed from decent family. Residing in:Amsterdam.

A closely knitted family. Father is working as Head in Software company. Mother is Entrepreneur. Younger brother working for Google, Hyderabad. Sathya Narayanan Age: 29 Unmarried Height: 5.

Residing in:Trivandrum, Education:B. We are settled in Trivandrum, Kerala. Both parents alive. One brother married. Groom has done B. Languages known Tamil, Hindi Malayalam and English. Looking educated Tamil Brahmin bride. Suraj Suryanarayanan Age: 30 Unmarried Height: 5.Post a Comment. Of the East coast or Paradesi Brahmins, it is unnecessary to say much as they differ in no respect ordinary east coast Brahmins.

They engage in trade and agriculture and in domestic and other services.

Vidya Balan - Interview (Tamil & Malayalam)

In former times they were used as confidential messengers and spies. One class of them are styled as Choliya or Aryapattars and instead of wearing the top knot of hair Kudumi on the back of their head as other east coast Brahmins, these wear it on the top of their head like Namboothiris.

The great Pattar settlements in Malabar lie in Palakkad Taluk, a taluk that if ever was occupied by Namboothiris for a long time past has been deserted by them. The Pattars live in gramam or villages, the houses being arranged in rows and streets like those of the east coast villages. Another distinguishing feature of Namboothiris and Pattars is Smartha Vicharam.

In this trial Smartha a women suspected to be guilty of light conduct is under pain of excommunication from Namboothiri fold. Pattars do not have such trials. There upon the servant comes forward steps on to a low stool and proclaims the name or names.

A man of the pattar caste invariably performs this duty. It is essential that the man who does it should himself be a Brahmin as no Namboothiri or Embrandiri would do it for love or money. A needy Pattar is found and paid handsomely for doing it. Directly after he has performed the duty he proceeds to the nearest piece of water, there to immerse his whole body and wash away the sin he has committed. No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home.

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Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Malabar Brahmins. Wears one sacred thread. Wears 1 to s sacred threads. Womens nose should not be pierced. This is allowed. Eldest son only is entitled to marriage within caste. All are entitled. Widows should lead life of sanyasins. Should not repeat Vedas on road.

Sati should be avoided. You should not serve out food with bare hands. You should not use buffalo ghee in yagna.

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