December in Solar Water Pumping 1. Hi friends, I want to run a 0. So I am in need to reduce starting current so that I can operate it on my inverter.

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Option: Soft Starter: Unavailable in local market. Submersible: Not an option "so far" Thermistors: Not available in market on such big size Resisters: to reduce starting current.

Now Problem is that how what size of resister should I place so that my Inverter could handle this? Any idea???? Note: reduction in water output is not a matter of concern for me.

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How to Check the Amperage Draw on an AC Motor

December 2. Re: how to reduce surge current of motor? I would be surprised if your motor would run on any 1, watt AC inverter One of the problem is that induction motors, in general, have less than ideal efficiency and poor power factor.

Another thing to look at is the DC wiring to the input of the AC inverter Measure the input voltage to the AC inverter and see if your battery bank and wire is capable of supplying sufficient current at rated voltage.

how to reduce motor amps

Some AC inverters also do better with inductive loads too--An AC motor at starting is very inductive can be very hard for many inverters too. Near San Francisco California: 3. December 3. Or is it. Most water pumps and industrial motors are still rated this way, which would indicate your motor could be sucking back at least VA, with a start surge of between 2 and 3 times that.

December 4. I would buy an inverter capable of running the pump rather than try to make the pump run off the inverter. Power factor on a motor can be really bad, like 0. That's near peak capacity of a 1kW inverter and leaves no room for running anything else. The same goes for the start-up demand: that could be exceeding 3kW. Putting in resistance to reduce the current draw doesn't help the motor spin up and do the work it needs to do. A starting and running capacity pair can take some of the PF burden off, but only if the pump motor can be fitted with the right ones.An AC motor uses alternating current to power it, and AC current changes directional flow 50 times a second.

Three electrical windings on the outer part of the motor enable the central rotor to turn, otherwise they would simply vibrate moving backwards and forwards as the current alters direction. The amount of energy drawn to drive the motor is measured in amperes and is known as current. The greater the amperes the motor requires, the more powerful the motor. Don't confuse amperes and voltage, or assume that low voltage means low amperes.

A car starter motor operates on 12 volts, but the amperes required to rotate the starter motor and the car's engine often exceed 50 amperes.

Read the amperage draw your AC motor requires, if it's operating according to the manufacturer's specification. The amperes are on the label on the AC motor. Set your multimeter to measure amperes. Set it to the correct ampere range for the AC motor you're checking. For example, if the motor draws 20 amperes, set your multimeter to read between 10 and 30 amperes.

Put on rubber gloves to protect you from an accidental electric shock.

how to reduce motor amps

Run your AC motor, otherwise you can't check the amperage draw. Locate the terminals on the AC motor. Place the metal sensor on the end of the black wire from the multimeter onto the negative terminal of the AC motor, keeping your hands clear of all moving parts.

Place the metal sensor on the end of the red wire from the multimeter onto the positive terminal of the multimeter. Read the multimeter display and then immediately remove the sensors from the AC motor. Turn off the motor. If the ampere reading is within the range you set on your multimeter, the AC motor is drawing the correct amperage.

If it's below the range, get your motor checked as it may require maintenance such as new brushes. The amperes won't exceed the top figure in the range as the motor is unable to draw more amperage than set by the manufacturer. This article was written by the It Still Runs team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information. To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Runs, contact us.

Step 1 Read the amperage draw your AC motor requires, if it's operating according to the manufacturer's specification. Step 2 Set your multimeter to measure amperes.Connect with us. Electronics Forums. Reduce amperage without reducing voltage.

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Search Forums Recent Posts. Scroll to continue with content. Jun 4, 1. Hi there, I'm starting to get interested in electronics a lot! Of course I've been trying out stuff and messing with some things already. Yesterday I made an LED glow, using a 5. Are LEDs supposed to get noticeably hot and I found myself another charger which has the desired 12 V, but 1 ampere. The first thing I thought was "Fine, I'll just put a resistor in there" But that would also reduce the volts, right?

Now how do I reduce the amperage without reducing the voltage? I've been searching for answers for a while, with lots of different answers, which confuses and frustrates me, especially as a beginner.

Some people said the supply ampere can be higher, and the device will just draw as much as it needs. Other people said that this is not true. And one guy said you would use something called a zener diode. Is that correct? And if it is, are there different types of those diodes, like with color coded resistors? If this works as I think, you would reduce the electric power with a resistor to reach the desired ampere level, and then use a diode or 2?

And the amperes would stay the same? Anyone know the answer? Jun 4, 2. The fan will draw only the current it needs at a given voltage. If 12 volts, then using a 1 amp supply to run a mA fan will be fine, no resistor needed. The LED on the other hand needs a current limiting resistor if fed a voltage higher than its forward voltage rating. There are online calculators that will tell you what ohm resister to use on an LED for a given forward voltage and forward current rating.

Last edited: Jun 5, Jun 5, 3. Jun 5, 4. Jun 5, 5. Jun 5, 6. Skippi likes this. Jun 5, 7. You probably have electrical outlets in your home. You can plug in a room heater which will probably take 10A or more. Does this tell you anything?

Reduce amperage without reducing voltage. Diodes? [Noob]

Jun 5, 8. Jun 5, 9.It is no secret that different parts of the world use different frequencies. In America we use a frequency of 60 Hz while in Europe you will find a frequency of 50 Hz. It may not seem like a big difference, but altering the frequency on a motor can create big changes in how a motor will run. When you alter the frequency of a motor, the strength of the magnets inside the motor will change. So what happens to a motor when you alter its magnetic strength?

Reducing Amp Draw

If the strength of the magnet is too weak the motor will become weak and will not be able to provide enough torque. In contrast, if the strength of the magnet is too strong the iron in the motor will become saturated, causing the motor to run hot and eventually fail. In fact, imagine on Mars they use V and 30 Hz. If you assume that a 30 Hz motor would have half the speed of a 60 Hz motor, then it would follow that a 60 Hz motor with an rpm of would have an rpm of on Mars.

Using our horsepower formula given above, we know that horsepower is measured by torque and speed. We also know that torque is directly related to the magnetic strength of the motor. Since the magnetic strength is the same on Mars, the torque will remain the same.

Keep in mind that this motor is rated at 10 HP and rpm when it is used with V and 60 Hz in America. By using our formula to determine the horsepower on Mars, we know that if the torque measured in ft-lb of our motor is 30, and the rpm on Mars isthe horsepower would be about 5. The FLA is one of only a few measurements that will stay the same despite any changes in frequency and voltage, making it a reliable measurement to size a VFD with.

When you use a VFD on your motor you can use this same process of altering the frequency and voltage to control the speed of the motor—only this time, you will be in control.

You can do that wherever you are by using a VFD. This can be essential for applications that require advanced controlling abilities, multiple stops and starts, and applications looking for the energy savings only a VFD can provide.

Hello dear friend I just do not understand the content of your article will further explain this, thanks. Select Horse Power 0.An electrical circuit contains elements such as resistors, capacitors, inductors and voltage sources.

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They can be wired in series or parallel, and they always provide a return path for the current within a closed loop. In order to lower the amperage of an electrical circuit, you must either lower the circuit's voltage or increase its resistance. Add resistors to the circuit to increase the total resistance. A higher resistance results in a lower amperage.

The resistance of a resistor is measured in ohms. A resistor works by "resisting" the flow of current through the circuit. Be careful that you don't exceed the manufacturer-listed wattage rating of a resistor. Lower the circuit's amperage by adding a variable resistance device or increasing the resistance on any you already have in the circuit. Variable resistance devices include transistors, FETs and rheostats, which are two-terminal variable resistors. Reduce the voltage in your circuit to lower the amperage.

For example, lower the voltage source from a 12V battery to a 9V battery. Sean Mann has been a freelance writer since With thorough knowledge and experience in technological fields such as computer software, hardware, the internet and programming, he creates online content for various websites. About the Author. Photo Credits.

Copyright Leaf Group Ltd.MikeC Messenger. We have a large 2KW volt motor that is drawing higher than desired amps. It run straight across the line with no soft starts or variable speed system involved. It occasionally sets the digital protective relay into countdown mode because of varying load.

how to reduce motor amps

This motor is on a circulating water system in a power plant. There are 3 motors and pumps that should run in parallel. We have pulled the pump and trimmed the impeller to reduce pumping capacity to lower the amp draw but it did not change the amp draw at all. The talk now is to swap motor "A" for motor "C" and see if the amp problem follows the motor or stay with the pump.

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I can find no reference anywhere that describes a failure mode or problem that causes a motor to draw higher amps. What do you guys have to say? Original Post.

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Have you by any chance checked with an infrared camera for hotspots? Shorted turns in a coil will cause higher amperage, but should also cause heat. Much like core loss when viewed with a camera. I don't know how long you've had the problem, but a shorted turn tends to cascade and keep getting worse just due to the heat, so probably not a big chance if you've been running for a while.

I assume you have verified there is no drag when turning the shaft by hand uncoupled. Are these horizontal or vertical pumps? DR Dave Reynolds Leader. How about some vibration data, have any to share?

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Sounds like a rotor bar problem to me, do you hear a modulating noise while it is running? Is the motor current fluctuating? Shorted motor windings in the same phase can cause reduced HP Need more info to assist further Dave. E electricpete Leader. Now an intriguing piece of information in your case they state the impeller was trimmed and NO change in amps?If we can't tunnel through the Earth, how do we know what's at its center? All Rights Reserved.

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New Electrical Work. The Difference Between. Wiki User There is only one way to lower amps, is to put more resistance in the circuit but that will mean loss of power. Related Questions Asked in Electrical Engineering Why is power transmitted at high voltages by the utility?

Higher the voltage lower the amps.

how to reduce motor amps

Lower the amps smaller the wire size. Asked in Car Batteries, Home Electricity, Laptops Can you use a different brand charger with a lower voltage and a hr? Lower voltage, no, lower amps, yes. I will just take longer to charge the battery. Asked in Circuits What happens to amps when you increase the resistance of a circuit? If you don't change the voltage between the ends of the circuit, then higher resistance in the circuit means lower current amps.

On the v side: amps On the v side: 90 amps Transformers are generally used from higher voltage to lower voltage but they can be used in either direction. A 15 amp breaker will trip at 15 amps at an ambient temperature of 40 degree C. If the ambient temperature is higher the breaker will trip before 15 amps and if the ambient temperature is lower the breaker will trip after 15 amps.

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