A Targeted Individual is a person that has unwillingly been inducted into an experimental torture program that is run and funded by the CIA's Denver Headquarters. Our Meetup group is here to help provide support for Targeted Individuals "TI"and to raise awareness of this government corruption. This group is affiliated with TargetedJustice.

How to Get Rid of a Stalker: 14 Steps to Banish Them for Good

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Learn more. Start a new group. Sign up. Targeted Individual Awareness. Who Gang Stalkers are, and how they are trained. Targeted I. A Targeted Individual is a person being anonymously harassed by an organized crime group because the organized crime group wants something from the individual. Now, a Gang Stalker can be defined as: A targeted individual that has been broken down, corrupted, and conditioned to respond to RF signals to perform various criminal tasks for the organized crime group.

Gang Stalkers are broken down and trained in the following ways: 1. Gang Stalking: This is used on gang stalkers in training. These techniques are used to make the individual obedient to the modern mob.

Pavlovian conditioning: Gang Stalkers are put through endless drills to condition them to respond to orders automatically. They are conditioned in these drills, by creating positive feelings with the RF weaponry when they do something right, and negative feelings with the RF weaponry when they mess up in a drill. Once a Gang Stalker has been sufficiently trained, then the Modern Mob can start using him or her when needed, on demand, to harass others and perform various criminal tasks.

Here are some major ways the Modern Mob communicates with its Gang Stalkers: 1. The Frey Effect can also be used to convey a message directly, but it is not very efficient for lengthy sentences. Cues in the Environment: The Gang Stalkers are trained to respond to and interpret cues in the environment in certain ways. Their attention is directed to these cues through RF weaponry. A jet sound or a tree leaf, means get out of your current environment.

The list can go on endlessly, and the drills are repeated ad infinitum over months, if not years, to instill the proper responses in the Gang Stalkers. The organized crime group puts remote access software on all Gang Stalkers phones.This website contains some basic information and advice to answer these questions. After the stalker has been told by the victim in a calm, clear and firm manner that their attention is unwanted and that they are to stop all contact, the victim, their family and friends should have no further contact with the stalker.

It is crucial to ensure that:. Although many stalking victims are reluctant to inform others of what they are going through, it is important that those around the victim know what is happening. This includes family, friends, co-habitants, work colleagues and even neighbors. By explaining the situation the victim can:. Proof is crucial in preparing a case against the stalker and it cannot be overestimated how important it is to keep all evidence and document your encounters and experience.

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The following are some ways in which to collect evidence:. Shopping Cart: 0 items Checkout. What is Stalking? Stalking Risk Profile. Victim Support. General advice for victims When victims of stalking seek assistance, they usually ask the following questions: Am I in danger?

Will it continue? If it has stopped, will it start again? Will I ever get over this? What do I need to do to stop it? Have No Contact with the Stalker After the stalker has been told by the victim in a calm, clear and firm manner that their attention is unwanted and that they are to stop all contact, the victim, their family and friends should have no further contact with the stalker.

It is crucial to ensure that: Everyone involved understands the importance of not appealing to the stalker to stop, threatening them or retaliating to provocation The police should be the only ones to confront the stalker If contact is necessary due to the shared custody of children, arrange for a professional organization or police station to be the handover point.

The victim should never meet the stalker alone or at their home If there is accidental contact with the stalker, the victim should try not to show any emotion and leave the situation as soon as possible. Seek refuge in the closest shop or business and call the police emergency number if the stalker tries to approach. Tell Others Although many stalking victims are reluctant to inform others of what they are going through, it is important that those around the victim know what is happening.

By explaining the situation the victim can: Reduce the possibility of others inadvertently providing information to the stalker or access to the victim Alerts them to the significance of any events they witness Helps to provide stronger evidence should the case go to court Obtain the necessary support to get through the ordeal What to tell others Give clear instructions not to initiate any contact with the stalker and tell them what to do should the stalker make contact with them; e.

Describe the stalker or give them a picture. If they can, get them to photograph the stalker without the stalker knowing and tell them to contact the police. Increase Personal Protection Change daily routines e. Have an unlisted telephone number and be discerning who that is given to. Have caller ID on your phone and screen all calls from unknown numbers by using an answering machine or service. If you choose to do this, ensure that you take measures to ensure that your are not traceable.

Baby monitors can also transmit conversations in the home.

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Collect Evidence Proof is crucial in preparing a case against the stalker and it cannot be overestimated how important it is to keep all evidence and document your encounters and experience. The following are some ways in which to collect evidence: Compile a journal that is a chronological summary of events from that first day through to the present.

Keep it brief and include everything you can remember, even if it seems trivial, and record dates, times, and witnesses to the encounters. Include telephone calls, items left or sent and any encounters with the stalker. You may start to see a set pattern develop. If the stalker is prosecuted and it is discovered that you did not tell the truth, it will damage your case as they will suspect that everything else you say is untrue.It hurts to know that your husband is loving someone else to love out there.

You start worrying about the future of your marriage and how your children will become the victims if you decide to get divorce. Moreover, you have to deal with the hurt and betrayal of trust all along. But a wife and a mother is strong.

No matter how sad and heartbroken she is, she knows the best way to save her family. Remember than other than your husband, there is another woman involved in the situation: his mistress.

So you want to win your husband back and destroy your mistress for good. Instead of getting angry to her, the best way to destroy her is by making up the relationship with your husband and prove her that she is nothing to you.

Here are all the ways you can do:. You must that force you have over your husband and have a deep conversation with him. Remember to stay calm and listen to what he wants. Show the mistress who you really are by winning your husband back.

Do all your best to mend the broken pieces in your marriage once again. Your husband will surely touched by your sincerity, and he will eventually leave his mistress. Ask them to join forces with you to win their father back.

Focus on improving yourself and it will destroy her harder. Let her know with what kind of person she deals with. Show her your cool side even your husband never know. Tell stories about the mistress to your friend. Rather than insulting her, make them sympathize you.

getting rid of gangstalkers

Through your social media of course. There is no way she never stalk on you. When a husband is having affair and betrays his wife and children, the one who get the spotlight is the mistress. Here are what may become your reason why you hate her that much:. Trying to understand her motives and what does she actually feels. Going through a marriage is never easy, and both sides need to improve everyday to keep the love on fire.Get rid of stalkers with this guide to protect yourself.

Stalkers can all be a little different and often sneaky by definition. This is one of the reasons why stalkers operate in the manner that they do. They can also be quick to anger, although this may appear to be a flustered or frustrated demeanour in public. This is the difference between someone checking you out from across the room with a group of friends and a person staring at you while sitting alone. Their inability to form meaningful friendships stems from the same root problem as their inability to interact with members of the opposite sex.

The person might even be sociopathic—read up on sociopaths or watch Dexter to get an idea of how such a mind operates in a world of empathetic people. There are several different kinds of stalkers. Know which one currently trails your footsteps in order to understand how to deal with him or her.

They fantasize about being in your presence, being your significant other, or another kind of close relationship. These people tend to be passive and observant. Delusional stalkers once had some sort of relationship to you that has now ended.

On the more extreme side, vengeful stalkers want to hurt you. They want to exact revenge upon you for a perceived slight or wrongdoing. These are usually the most dangerous ones, and will take the most action against you. Cyber stalkers can be any of the three types covered above.

Stalkers can still observe you from afar online, just as they can exact revenge upon you online. The digital world gives the person more windows into your life. This is why you need to control your online presence carefully if you think a stalker is on your tail.

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Look for trampled gardens and suspicious cars parked around your home or workplace. Also ask your neighbours and co-workers about these things. Your eyes simply cannot be everywhere at once—ask people to keep an open eye for you!

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Assume that the stalker could become violent. Get the law on your side if all else fails. Build a case with the police earlier rather than later. You need to document unwanted advances when they happen so that you can have ammunition to use against the stalker if the situation escalates. Do not panic while reporting these instances to the police; instead, level with them and be transparent about the situation.

The trick is to get a record of things early so that police can act if things get serious.Ask him why he only stalks you at your home. You never stalk me to a fancy restaurant, or antiquing, or to see a play. Every night we sit at home watching TV with me on the couch and you watching through the window.

20 Smartest Ways to Destroy Your Husband’s Mistress

Are you ashamed to be seen stalking me? When he throws a rock through your window, be ready with your own rock to immediately throw back in his direction. I wanted you to have one of mine in return. Tell him your parents are in town and they really want to meet this special stalker you keep talking about. Hire Steve Buscemi to play your flirtatious mother who will likely come live with you before long.

Ask your stalker to define the relationship because you need to know whether he could see the stalking leading to something more serious like marriage or at least a kidnapping. If he hesitates tell him you really need to have a marriage date in mind so you can reserve the Wiccan Wedding Circle and arrange the paperwork for the ritual blood transfer. Tell him you want children right away—at least 7 or 13 witches and warlocks.

Get possessive. What were you doing all night? Are you stalking someone else? Send him a lock of hair after dousing it in the cologne worn by the security guard who manages the gate at your apartment complex. Open up and tell him your dream of writing a book. June 2, The Good Greatsby. So you liked the rock, eh? My ex-husband stalked me for a while, until he figured out if he continued the legal system could locate him peering into my windows and he would be forced to pay child support or enjoy their luxurious accomodations.

Such a pity, I did enjoy toying with him during that time……. This reminds me of a 30 Rock episode when Jenna is upset that her stalker has stopped stalking her! I love 9!

June 3, He later sends hot cocoa to Jack and Will stalking him from the bushes, but charges. Jillian Harvie. It is creepy that I was just talking about him.

Ask your stalker why he is suddenly observing the 50 yard restraining order.

getting rid of gangstalkers

Some people might consider Steve a romantic. Nobody finds that endearing.General Strategies. Shine a light on the cockroaches. Take calculated risks.

getting rid of gangstalkers

Exploit technology. Never give up. Join forces with other victims. Fortification 2. Disappearing 3. Spy Gear. Interacting with Perps. Making Noise 4. Suppressing Noise 5. Always Smile at the Goon Squad 6. Killing a Stalker in Self-Defense. Exposing the Perps Locally. Business Cards 4. Chalk Messages 6. Self-Inking Stamps 7. Banners 8. Calling the Police 9. Interacting With Police Officers.

Exposing the Perps Nationally. Letters to Congress 2. Online Petitions 3. Calls to Radio Programs 4. Posting Comments in Online Forums 6. Organized stalking is a manifestation of the view that intelligence and law enforcement agencies, their corporate cronies, and the military-industrial complex should have supremacy over all other elements of American government.

Even if you think that is a desirable power structure for national security reasons, it is impossible to deny that it grossly violates core principles of the U. Organized stalking also violates stalking prohibitions under federal law and state laws in all fifty states. This is a primary difference between the use of organized stalking as a domestic counterintelligence strategy in America today and its use by the Stasi state police in communist East Germany: in the U.

Many of the tactics and strategies employed by the Stasi were virtually identical to those now used and largely out-sourced apparently by the FBI and other agencies in the U. In the U. From the perspective of intelligence and law enforcement agencies and corporations which use organized stalking as a secret illegal weapon for subversion, the perfect operation is one in which the target becomes progressively isolated, impoverished, emotionally degraded, and eventually commits suicide.

Without question, the vast majority of Americans do not want to live in a society infested with spies working for a Stasi-type government. To the extent that you can educate your fellow citizens about the creepy and illegal stalking activities of private security mercenaries, vigilantes, and corrupt law enforcement officers, they will be on your side.

Targets of organized stalking must wage a two-front war: we must act locally to expose the harassment to neighbors and others, and we must expose what is happening on a national level as well.A widespread phenomenon, a phenomenon that is being talked about in several books and websites. A phenomenon that has definite boundaries, recognizable techniques and specific strategies. Still, talking about gang stalking is far from being a simple issue.

Apparently, these are matters of little importance to people who are not accustomed with gang stalking. They just find it hard to see these things: for them there is every indication that the victim is crazy or has visions. They believe that the abuse the victim is reporting is all in his or her mind.

getting rid of gangstalkers

This gap is the strength of the persecutor because of the fact that it isolates the victim. This is the gap that needs to be bridged. The main goal of gang stalking is to influence the life of the victim and to condition it, in order to destroy it. Strange, unnatural things happen to you and you would start to think that you are crazy.

You see things, but you realize you are the only one who see them. Gang stalking is designed to be invisible. Only the victim, an extremely experienced investigator or anyone else who is well aware of the phenomenon could recognize it. Invisibility is the strength of this kind of persecution. There are many other kind of violent persecutions, but they are visible: they are for all the world to see. There are many ways to strike someone in a cruel manner. You can go as far as killing someone, but then people would notice.

The massacre is for all the world to see and nobody would deny the fact that it has taken place. On the other hand, gang stalking often takes place in public: even in the streets and in very populated areas.

The victim is now sensitized and conditioned and he or her could be strike really hard by events that are just invisible to other people or events that they find normal.

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The first challenge is to introduce gang stalking to other people and to make them understand that gang stalking exists and that it is a very serious crime. Therefore, they believe that nothing strange is happening. This is exactly the same situation in which the victim finds himself or herself when he or she becomes the target of gang stalking.

At this stage, a lot of disturbing situations involving a high number of perpetrators happen. You would begin to wonder how this is happening, how is it possible that so many people are conspiring against you.

It would be statistically impossible. Organized persecution does exist, and the most different people are involved. A stalker could be a young man, a middle age man or an old one; stalkers could be white, black, Hispanic, Asian or they can belong to every other ethnicity, they can be attractive, ugly or neutral. Stalkers are not tied by their history or by their personal characteristics, but rather from their adherence to a system of extremist beliefs.

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This is an evil system, a system that consider everyone the gang stalkers decide to harass and destroy inhuman. Practically, in a more or less direct way, stalkers are trying to set up a secret society that would be able to operate in the civil society and to strike everyone. Here are some excerpts from the book that can be of use to better define the danger we are in.

How could I explain in a believable way to the so-called democratic countries public that just in these countries, there are ongoing activities which are far from being democratic?

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